20 May 2011

Citrus Slices Nails for Summer

Aren't these nails so cute for summer? Orange, Lemon and Lime Slices! Perfect for sipping cocktails on a sunny patio somewhere. :)

Nailpolish Used:

Essie Shorty Pants (yellow)
China Glaze Japanese Koi (orange)
Barry M Spring Green (green)
Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (white)

Click here to watch the video tutorial on Youtube!


  1. love them :)
    definately gonna do that look, thank you for the idea :)


  2. Anonymous2:25 a.m.

    Awesome nails! What is the product for the tip painter?

  3. this is cute and a very great idea for this summer!!

  4. Those are super pretty :D Have to give that a try soon ;D

  5. sexy huh i acctually like these coz they are soooooooo cute!! but what is the white thing that you went over the slices with? a tip painter? sorry i cant remember. can you tell me please? or list it in the products you used? thanx a lot bbz xxxxx