28 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Marie Antoinette

Here it is, my personal "crowning glory" of this year's Halloween videos. I give you Marie Antoinette, post-beheading with a re-attached head in the Afterlife!!

When I began to develop the concept for this video, I knew I wanted to do a different spin on Marie Antoinette than many looks out there for this historical figure. I didn't want to go down that stylized, over-the-top cartoonish look popularized through movies; rather, I still wanted an element of realness to the former Queen of France.

Keep reading for all the details, more pics, and the tutorial...

17 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Black Widow / Victorian Ghost

I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I absolutely love this look so much! Looooove! Can I please walk around like this every day and it be totally normal? There's something so chic about alabaster skin, dark makeup, and a veil. I definitely need to get some kind of a fascinator veiled hat pronto, because I totally want to wear this in real life. Hah!

14 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: The Sorceress (Purple Witch)

I had so much fun creating this Evil Sorceress look for my Halloween video series. I've had many requests to do a purple witch look (I did a green sexy witch look years ago which you can see here) and I wanted to turn this one into a sorceress. What's the difference, you say? Well, I always thought Sorceresses were more high class than witches, but what do I know? LOL!!

Watch my video tutorial below to see how to recreate this look, and how it looks with my full costume. I have a 20% off coupon code for you if you're still shopping around for a Halloween costume online, woo yay! I hope you enjoy this one - what are you dressing up as this year?

10 Oct 2014

90s Makeup: Matte & Brown Tones Revisited

Remember the 90s? Supermodels, iconic Covergirl and Revlon makeup ads, baggy pants, vests, pendant necklaces and some pretty questionable music styles (aside from grunge, which was awesome, RIP Kurt Cobain).

90s makeup, on the other hand, has a pretty terrible reputation nowadays. Drab everything-brown tones, brown lipstick, noticeable lipliner with light lipstick. But there were also some pretty iconic looks, be it from supermodels like Cindy Crawford, or from TV shows like Beverly Hills 90201, Star Trek The Next Generation, etc.

I wanted to revisit the 90s with this look, but also make it slightly updated and wearable for present day. Here's what I came up with!

8 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Ripped & Stapled Mouth

Halloween isn't all about looking cute and sexy, some people prefer the darker and scarier looks, so here's an especially gruesome one: The Chelsea Grin! This is a form of torture where a small incision is made on the side of the mouth, then the victim is inflicted severe pain, causing him or her to scream, tearing the sides of the mouth. Fantastic!!

Kidding, obviously.

I modified the classic chelsea grin to make it look like the sides of the ripped mouth has been stapled up again.

This is my first time trying a full blown special effects makeup look. I did a trial run to get some practice with the materials, but obviously I'm not perfect at it yet. I made a few errors here which I'll correct for my next SFX look I'm planning. I'm just excited to do more of these looks and improve my technique. We all have to start somewhere! I always found special FX makeup super intimidating, but I think just like regular makeup, you just need the right tools and products, and then practice, practice, practice... It was so much fun to do a really bloody and gory Halloween look!

5 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Poison Ivy

It's Halloween season on my channel, and I am so excited to kick things off with my first look, this time I'm doing DC Comics super villainess POISON IVY! She's green and mean, and this costume will definitely be a head-turner in a crowd!

I had so much fun doing Poison Ivy's look, and this look has been so frequently requested over the years that I knew it was time to finally do it.

I hope you love this look! Do you know what you're dressing up as this Halloween?

28 Aug 2014

Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" Music Video Makeup

Nicki Minaj's latest music video offers plenty of juicy booty shaking, but also a fabulously beautiful makeup look on our lead protagonist. Nicki's face was very contoured and highlighted bringing out her bone structure, her eyes were a super sultry bronze and gold, and her lips were a rich pink. Although my coloring is so very different from Nicki's, I wanted to do my take on the look.

Keep reading to see what I used, and how to recreate this look with my video tutorial!

Katy Perry "This Is How We Do" Makeup Look

Shortly after Katy Perry released her new music video for "This Is How We do", I had many requests from my lovely viewers to show how to achieve her catchy look. It featured a dramatic grey cut-crease, and a double eyeliner look using black and hot pink. Her cheeks were a bright pink and also her lips. This look just screams POP to me and is so fun. f you don't feel quite brave enough to do neon pink on the eyes and lips, just pick one or the other.

Keep reading to see what I used, and my video tutorial to recreate the look...

Rita Ora "Black Widow" Makeup

I had so many requests after my last post featuring Iggy Azalea's look to do Rita Ora's makeup also from the same music video - Black Widow. Here are some screenshots for reference.

Rita wore extremely dark and almost geometric black eyeliner, and and a nude-y pink lip. Honestly, I just knew this wasn't going to look good on me at all, or many people for that matter. The harsh black line really makes eyes look so much smaller, so I wanted to do a spin on this look but adjust it to flatter my features. That's so important about taking inspiration from fashion or celebrity looks - don't blindly follow every trend if it just doesn't work for you. Take inspiration and make it your own! So here's what I did...

Keep reading to see what changes I made, what products I used, and my video tutorial how to recreate it!

Iggy Azalea "Black Widow" Makeup

Iggy Azalea is one of the hottest acts in pop music right now, she's been storming the charts and getting a lot of attention in the music business. I love the sometimes soft and sometimes bold makeup looks she wears, and the one from her recent Black Widow music video particularly caught my eye.

Here's my take on this look! It features striking cool-red lips (slightly overdrawn for maximum effect), and a very defined eye with peekaboo lashes on the outer corners.

Keep reading to see what I used, and recreate the look with my video tutorial...

29 Jul 2014

Arab Makeup for Eid

Hi everyone! It's been a good while since I did an Arab inspired makeup look, my last one was rather colorful and bold. I wanted to come  up with a look for those who are currently celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which is a celebration period marking the end of Ramadan for Muslims. I realize that not all Muslims are Arabs, but I love this kind of makeup and I thought it would be fitting for those who are from this culture. Plus, this look is just super glamorous and very eye catching, so basically anyone who likes this style of makeup can wear it. I'm all about being open to different cultures and taking inspiration from many regions of the world!

Happy Eid, or Eid Mubarak to those celebrating!

Keep reading to see what I used, and the video tutorial to achieve this look!

24 Jul 2014

Glowing Ultra Violet Makeup

I'm horrible at keeping up with my Blog, I admit it. I post videos on my Youtube channel and forget to post the looks here. Make sure you're subscribed to my channel there, as you can also be notified by email when I upload a new video.

Nonetheless, here's a really fun and colorful look I had so much fun coming up with! I used to actually dislike wearing purple eyeshadow back in my early days; now I can't get enough of it. It really brings out brown, green and hazel eyes and is definitely an eye-catching look.

Read more to see what I used and the video tutorial!

12 Jun 2014

5 Summer Recipes you NEED to try!

Summer is here and I thought I'd share some of my favorite seasonal recipes with you. I love cooking, but over the past few years I've tried to change my cooking habits to be a lot healthier, reducing a lot of the added sugar, but including lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins and the like. I still want to enjoy and love the food I make, but also know that I won't have to run a marathon afterwards to burn off loads of bad calories and extra fats I don't need.

All these recipes are not only extremely tasty and fail-safe to make, but I've also tried to make them as health conscious as I can without reducing flavor. Using fresh ingredients, spices and herbs, and combining them creatively is really my take on great cooking!

Keep reading to get 5 wonderful summer recipes, that will have your friends and family wanting more!

3 Jun 2014

Golden Peacock Eyes

I was rooting around in my makeup studio, pulling out a bunch of fun colors, glitter, lashes and the like, and decided to throw together this look.

Want to see what products I used and the tutorial? Then keep reading!

How to make Low-Sugar Jam Yourself

Ever since I posted pics of my homemade low-sugar jam on my fitness Instagram stream (check it out here), I've had numerous requests from you how I make it. I love jam, be it on a rice cake, a piece of toast, in yogurt, or on oatmeal. Normal store bought jam, however, contains so much sugar that it's not really a healthy breakfast option at all. I decided to make my own, so I can control how much sugar I consume. Not only that, but you can get super creative with your own fruit combinations and jam varieties.

Today I'll show you how I make it! Let's start with the BASICS:
  • Use best quality fruit that is picked at its prime, and perfectly ripe. This will make the jam naturally sweeter and you won't have to add as much sugar to sweeten.
  • Sterilize your sealing mason jars before starting. This will ensure that no bacteria is in the jars which might develop mold, meaning your jam will keep longer. (You don't have to buy mason jars, I often reuse old jam or pickle jars, just make sure the lid still fits tight.)
How to sterilize your jars: Place the jars and the lids in a pot of water. I like to put the jars in a huge pot, and the lids in a separate smaller saucepan. Then boil both items in the water for at least 10 minutes. Then drain the water and dry the jars with a clean towel, but don't rinse them again under the water! Basically, just make sure that after the boiling process, they stay as clean as possible. Line them up for filling with jam later.

Keep on reading to get the full recipe!

27 May 2014

Aishwarya Rai Cannes Filmes Festival Makeup

Beautiful Bollywood film actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked stunning at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It's sort of crazy to think she's 40 years old and still puts most of us to shame, haha! Girl seriously lucked out in the gene pool department. I do think women can be beautiful at any age, some people seem to think that once you hit 30, your days of being considered attractive are numbered. Luckily this isn't true at all!

Anyhow, here is what some people consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world. For those who don't know her, she's an über famous Bollywood film actress and mega star in India, and was also Miss World 1994. She's also a spokesperson for L'Oréal cosmetics.

I have to say I was really disappointed that years back she got a lot of flack for her red carpet appearances because she put on weight after having a child. People talked about her "letting herself go" and the like. It makes me so mad that as soon as a beautiful woman puts on a little weight, suddenly she's dropped like a hot potato and shunned for failing to live up to her former beauty queen standards. How dare she have a child and put on weight, get older and have her metabolism slow down? It's much harder to be thin and svelte at 35 than it is at 25.

But good for her for dropping a lot of weight at 40. It is so much harder at that age, so props to her. Probably the rich Indian cooking doesn't help, I'd have a hard time losing weight on that kind of cuisine, as yummy as it is!

Anyhow, here's my rendition of this stunning look:

To see the video tutorial and a breakdown of all the products I used, keep reading...