9 Apr 2014

Disney Maleficent Angelina Jolie inspired Makeup

So I admit I am not a die hard fan of Disney (as in I have to immediately see every new film they release), but the upcoming Maleficent movie definitely caught my eye! I think for one because Angelina Jolie stars as the leading villainess, and two, because it's so different from most Disney movies. Some movie critics think it will absolutely tank at the box office because it's "too scary" for most Disney fans, which actually makes me want to see it! The trailers look so beautiful, and they inspired me to come up with this Maleficent look.

Now, Angelina wears prosthetics on her face and I think the movie has been quite altered in post production to have a certain dark and almost cool toned feel to it, but I just went off the trailer and screenshots I've seen floating around the Internet. I also decided to give this look my own personal spin for a super gothic Maleficent rendition.

I'm wearing black feather wings in these pictures because in the trailer, it is revealed that Maleficent had a past where she was actually some sort of fairy, and her black wings were actually stolen from her. Exciting! I'm not crafty enough to make my own horns, sadly, so the wings will have to suffice.

Will you be seeing this movie when it comes out? Let me know in the comments!

Check out my video to see how I created this look!

Here's a breakdown of everything I used. I've provided links for where to buy for those products you can buy online.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation http://bit.ly/1iyh4Vi
Illamasqua Blush Intrigue http://bit.ly/1sButCP
Illamasqua Blush Chased http://bit.ly/1sButCP
NYX Pore Filler http://bit.ly/1ilntTt
Makeup Geek Unexpected & Vanilla Bean http://www.makeupgeek.com/
Illamasqua Obsidian http://bit.ly/1lQITNX
MAC Copperplate http://bit.ly/1sBsNZW
Manhattan Xtreme Last Lipliner 66T
MAC So Scarlet lipstick (LE)
MAC Night Violet lipstick (LE)
Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow http://bit.ly/OZiOhz
Ben Nye Contour No. 1
Lancome Hypnose mascara http://bit.ly/1lQJBea
Lancome Hypnose liner Prune http://bit.ly/1sButCP
House of Lashes Pixie Luxe lashes http://houseoflashes.com/
MAC Spiked Brows http://bit.ly/1krDrBr
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1iyhACE
Maybelline Fit Me concealer http://bit.ly/1i0mWq6
Kryolan HD Micro Silk Powder

4 Apr 2014

Fix Broken Eyeshadows & Blushes

So a few days ago this happened...

I was filming a makeup tutorial and accidentally brushed my MAC neutral shadow eye palette off the corner of my vanity table with the elbow. Needless to say, I was really devastated and pissed of at my own clumsiness!

Luckily, I know a method how to salvage broken shadows. I first tried to rescue what I could by returning the chipped pieces to their original pan containers using a tiny spoon, then liquified the shadow using alcohol. Then I repressed the shadows using a coin, and now the palette looks almost as good as new!

Watch my tutorial how you can fix broken eyeshadows, blushes and pressed powders, should you accidentally break them.

I hope you find this tutorial super helpful!!

28 Mar 2014

Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover Makeup

Regardless of what you might think of Kim Kardashian's career, her antics, her looks...one thing can't be refuted: Her makeup on her recent controversial Vogue Covershoot was the bomb.com!!

  • What do you think of Kim and Kanye appearing on the cover of Vogue?? Do you think she "deserved" it? Did you like the cover, or will you be cancelling your subscription like Sarah Michelle Gellar?
    • My Thoughts: I honestly don't really care! It's completely irrelevant to my life who is on the cover of a fashion magazine. As long as people are interested in Kim and her life, she will be famous and probably gracing more magazine covers. 

Above I've taken a screenshot of the accompanying video from the photoshoot that Vogue posted on their Youtube channel. I changed my eye color to match Kim's, so you can see how similar the look is. When I first saw pictures of Kim's look, I thought it was actually really, really dark. In truth it's more of a medium brown and bronzey smokey eye, with some gold highlighting.

This would be a really perfect bridal makeup if you're looking for something a bit more dramatic than just natural tones. I tried on my own wedding dress after filming this look, with my hair up like this and the jewelry, and I loved it! I might wear something like this on my own wedding day next February.

Want to get the look? Then watch my video tutorial below, or directly on Youtube here.

Products used and where to buy:

Clarins Everlasting foundation http://bit.ly/1pea3gq
Lorac Pro Palette http://bit.ly/1dRRrMi
MAC Copperplate http://bit.ly/1lpN2bu
L'Oreal Smoldering eyeliner http://bit.ly/OZj28C
L'Oreal Superliner http://bit.ly/1i0n7BH
Urban Decay 24/7 in Whiskey http://bit.ly/OZf1kD
Urban Decay Lash curler
Smashbox Eye Brightening mascara http://bit.ly/1gvB4Ka
Maybelline Age Rewind concealer http://bit.ly/OZguHp
Maybelline Fit Me concealer http://bit.ly/1i0mWq6
Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow http://bit.ly/OZiOhz
Ben Nye Contour N.1 powder
Kryolan Glamour Glow Sheer Tan
Inglot Nr. 859 lipliner
P2 Colour Star Lipcream Brigitte Bardot
House of Lashes Noir Fairy lashes

Enjoy! Let me know how you like this look, and where you would wear it!! 

xo, Julia

20 Mar 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Tutorial

Good Day, mateys!

Today I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial using, and review of the Make Up For Ever HD product range. I was sent these from the company and I showed all the goodies MUFE sent to me in my last Unboxing video here - there was a ton of great stuff in there, I'm really excited to really try out everything else too!

I was immediately drawn to the HD foundation, the primer, and the setting powder because I have heard a lot of hype surrounding these products. Watch my video below to see how I apply these products and my thoughts on them!

Aaaand if you're too short on time for that, here's a quick Pros and Cons list:


  • The foundation is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I honestly can't feel that I'm wearing a bunch of products on my face, which is always nice.
  • Buildable coverage means you can use as little or as much as you like, depending how much coverage you need (see my Con on this later)
  • I love the setting powder - it looks and feels invisible on the skin but does a good job of setting the foundation and mattifying oily areas. Also great to use on concealer under the eyes, and I will use this with other foundations too.
  • These products don't contain sunscreen so they would be ok to use under flash photography (meaning no white flashback on the skin)
  • Good for oily and combination skin as well

  • To me the foundation just doesn't have enough coverage. It almost goes on sheer and I needed several applications to get a decent coverage. I don't have major problem skin but I mainly use foundation to even out my skintone on blotchy areas - it really didn't do that great of a job for this. To me, this just isn't enough coverage in an HD setting when a camera is a few inches from your face.
  • The primer didn't wow me, but then, I rarely use primers. It wasn't a bad primer per se, but I didn't really see a noticeable difference here. Probably skippable.

In conclusion...

I would recommend this foundation to people with combination or oily skin who are looking for something very lightweight that has buildable coverage. The first application is semi-sheer, so you are flexible in how much you want to apply for more coverage. If you have a lot of discoloration in your face, however, and you're looking for something to cover it in one go, this probably isn't it. I did really enjoy the setting powder though.

Where to buy:

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them yourself?

14 Mar 2014

Zurich Meet-Up & Makeup Event

Some exciting news! Globus department store has invited me to once again be part of their Beauty Days special promotional event, where I will be doing makeup by appointment in-store on two weekends. Last year I was at Globus in Bern, this time around I will be at two different locations in Zurich!

Saturday, 22 March 2014 at Globus Glattzentrum
Saturday, 29 March 2014 at Globus Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

Hours for both dates that I will be there:
11am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm

If you would like to book an appointment with me to get your makeup done, you can do so through the Globus website. The appointments are free of charge.

Make an appointment for Glattzentrum
Make an appointment for Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

In case all the appointments get booked up and you would still like to meet me and say hello, please drop by between 6:30pm to 7pm on both those dates. We have reserved the last half hour on both days for anyone who would like to come by spontaneously to take pictures, chat, etc.

I can't wait to meet you! Please drop by and have your makeup done by me. :)


WAS: Julia Graf schminkt bei Globus Beauty Days


→ Samstag 22. März, 2014 @ Globus Glattzentrum, 11-14 Uhr & 16-19 Uhr
→ Samstag 29. März, 2014 @ Globus Zürich Bahnhofstrasse, 11-14 Uhr & 16 - 19 Uhr

★ Kostenloser Schmink Termin buchen:

Zürich Bahnhofstrasse

Im Fall das alle Termine ausgebucht werden, und du möchtest trotzdem vorbei kommen um mich kennen zu lernen, wir haben die letzte halbe Stunde an beiden Tagen frei gehalten (18:30 bis 19:00 Uhr). Komm dann einfach spontan vorbei!

Ich freue mich auf euch!! ♡

27 Feb 2014

Kendall Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I'm recreating this Kendall Jenner Look for you today. I thought it was really fun and flirty, so I hope you like it. Check out my video tutorial below how to recreate the look. Above you can see the inspiration picture I used!

21 Feb 2014

Julia Graf for Manhattan Cosmetics

Today is a very exciting day, because I finally get to tell you about something really awesome! Manhattan Cosmetics, a super popular drugstore makeup brand that is sold in all German speaking countries, is going to release a special collection completely designed by myself and eight other Bloggers, based on NEW YORK CITY!!!

So this is obviously a huge project that takes a lot of time and coordination with many different people, and we started to work on our collection in May 2013 in Germany. And when I say we designed this collection, I mean we came up with everything. We got to figure out what products we want to release, the packaging and finishes we want, and of course all the colors.

To get inspiration for our NEW YORK collection, we traveled to the Big Apple last summer (we all nearly died during the massive heat wave they had there) and really got to explore. It was an exciting time where we took the chance to see many different parts of the city, took loads of pictures, and really let the atmosphere sink in. We stayed at the super hip and trendy Standard Highline Hotel in the Meatpacking district, which offered an open rooftop bar with a simply stunning view over the Manhattan Skyline. I felt like I was in my own version of Sex and the City...well, without the sex! Hahaha...

Getting picked up by stretch limos at the airport.

Trend scouting in the City

The next day we went to the exclusive Soho House and gathered all our creative juices and all the inspirations we had gathered from our time in the City, and created fantastic Mood Boards to narrow down our ideas and really focus on the important elements we wanted to incorporate into the collection. It was super exciting to put all our ideas into action and actually get to play around with products to see what would work together. It was also quite intense as we didn't have unlimited time, so the pressure was on to finalize things. 

Mood Board creation at Soho House

Gathering ideas and inspiration from our time in New York City

Hard at work...or hardly working? The former, I think!

Ani, Özi and Paddi at work

The next day we actually got to visit the laboratory where Manhattan products are produced, and this in itself was a huge honor. These labs are often extremely secretive when it comes to letting in people that are not direct employees of the company due to company secrets, and it was fascinating to see the science behind makeup, how all these random ingredients are mixed together to create a nailpolish, a lipstick, an eyeshadow. We actually got to mix the shades directly in the lab, and then tell the technicians - here, this is what we want please! It was so amazing to be so directly involved, and have complete creative control. 

Since then we've received samples of our products, and we've been allowed and encouraged to make any necessary changes. For example if the color was different than we imagined, if we wanted a slightly different texture, or anything else. It was a lot of coordination at this point because we all live in different cities, so we had to discuss any changes as a group online. It was tricky! I really think all the hard will will definitely be worth it. The products will be available in stores in August 2014, after more than a year long process. It's crazy to see how many steps are involved in the creation of a makeup collection, especially when there are so many people involved. But I can't wait to see the final product, and for you to all see it!

Here are links to all the lovely ladies who are also involved in the NEW YORK collection:

Theresa from honeyandmilk.net
Magi from magi-mania.de
Mira from funnypilgrim.de
Anna from fashionpuppe.com
Anni from fashionhippieloves.com
Jetti from chocolate-bit.ch
Özlem from fashionmonger.net

Paddy from www.innenaussen.com

Grazia magazine, a popular German fashion and lifestyle mag, has also reported on our upcoming collection! See the report here: Link

Of course a huge thank you to Manhattan Cosmetics for such a wonderful opportunity and for allowing us such immense creative freedom with our collection. More updates to come before the release date in August 2014!

17 Feb 2014

Katy Perry Dark Horse Video Makeup

Have you seen the preview for Katie Perry's new music video - Dark Horse - yet? I don't think the entire video has been released yet but I took a screenshot below of the very end where you see Katy Perry channeling Cleopatra. Yes, I edited on the diamanté grillz, haha! But everything else is just the makeup...

Below you can see some unedited pictures of the look I recreated. Now of course the shape of the design on the eyes will vary from person to person, because no one's going to have the exact same eye shape as Katy Perry. But I think I came pretty close with my interpretation!

Check out my video tutorial below to see how I recreated this look!

Products used:

Dermablend foundation http://bit.ly/N2K6Cu
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot http://bit.ly/1cJhNQU
Makeup Forever #92 http://bit.ly/1mcHfa0
MAC Chrome Yellow http://bit.ly/N2KmBx
Lit Cosmetics glitter glue http://bit.ly/Msandn
L'Oreal Super Slim eyeliner http://bit.ly/1nGKIJv
House of Lashes Noir Fairy lashes
L'Oreal Infallible Imperial Gold http://bit.ly/1cKyQC3
MAC Beet lipliner http://bit.ly/MsblGB
Kryolan Flamingo e/s
Ben Nye black eyeliner pencil
P2 Lipstick Rue St Honoré
Alverde Blush 02 Desert Rose
Cosmetic Glitter from Lit Cosmetics http://bit.ly/1kNR50y

Broken Hearted Valentine Makeup

Hi everybody! For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to do an off the wall look, because I just felt like there were so many traditional date-night looks floating around already. So instead of just adding another one to the heap, I wanted to show you something quite artistic and fun. The inspiration behind this is a "Broken Hearted Lover". I hope none of you had a broken heart on Valentine's Day! Here's what I came up with...

See how I created this makeup with my video tutorial below.

Products used:

Illamasqua Cream Pigment Androgen http://bit.ly/1bPfI4I
Illamasqua Berber pigment http://bit.ly/1mcGSwg
Makeup Geek Shadow Cinderella
Make Up Forever #92 shadow http://bit.ly/1mcHfa0
Kryolan deep purple shadow (?)
Kryolan Glamour Glow in Pale Tan
Kryolan Flamingo shadow
Catrice Lipliner 060 Very Berry
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1hpU52P
Anastasia Eyeliner in Noir http://bit.ly/1eWTqm2
Pastel Waterproof Color mascara purple
Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner Black
Illamasqua Sealing Gel http://bit.ly/1mcLl1S
Revlon Lash Glue http://bit.ly/1cyYfh6
OCC Concealer http://bit.ly/1cz0yk7
OCC Lip Tar Black Dahlia http://bit.ly/1eWW8I5
Mehron Paradise Palette "Tropical"
Ardell Demi Wispies Plum lashes

7 Feb 2014

Rihanna Makeup Tutorial

Have you seen Rihanna's new music video that she collaborated on with Shakira? It's pretty sexy! Although, it does bother me that to be a successful pop singer nowadays, you have to wear almost no clothes, or none at all, in music videos, to get noticed. I don't listen to pop music anyways...but I digress!

Here's the look Rihanna was wearing in the video - very classic Riri but such a gorgeous look! I couldn't wait to recreate it.

Obviously this look will be quite different on my skin tone, but here's my interpretation. I love wearing bright, bold red lips, and this look is perfect for making the lips stand out. Even so, the eyes are also quite defined, you could even wear this with a nude or lighter color lipstick for a softer overall look.

Watch my video tutorial to get this look!

Products used and where to buy:

MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot http://bit.ly/1cJhNQU
Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow http://bit.ly/1aAr6Gv
Ben Nye shadows in Cork, Toast, Dark Brown, Toffee
Ben Nye Natural Blush
MAC Vanilla http://bit.ly/1cGEPpY
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1dwwcju
L'Oreal Butterfly mascara http://bit.ly/187ea7j
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil http://bit.ly/LCxRLO
Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer http://bit.ly/1gRcgy4
MAC Global Glow MSF http://bit.ly/1fY8zTC
Kryolan Faceliner pencil
Inglot Nr. 409 lipstick
Sleek Makeup Savannah 234 lashes
Revlon Lash Glue

Brushes I used:

MAC 222
MAC 219 http://bit.ly/1eiHR9Q
MAC 217 http://bit.ly/1gRbDVi
Sigma E40 http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=24879

Let me know how you like this look and if you would try it out!


4 Feb 2014

12 Eyeliner Variations

This post is all about eyeliner...if the title didn't give it away! ;)

In my tutorial I'll show you 12 different eyeshadow techniques and shapes that you can easily use to create a unique look to your eye makeup. Whether you combine it with eyeshadows or wear just by itself, these eyeliner methods are sure to make your peepers stand out!

Let me know which one if your favorite and what you're most likely to try out!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1dwwcju
MAC Feline kohl pencil http://bit.ly/1eiHMmJ
Art brush (similar can be found here: http://bit.ly/1bRKqtC)
MAC 219 brush http://bit.ly/1eiHR9Q
Illamasqua Obsidian shadow http://bit.ly/1k0ObFl (CA) or http://bit.ly/1fOyVpG (UK)

(The green liner is Makeup Geek but I don't recommend it, sorry, because it transfers onto the lid)

Fresh & Pretty Pink Makeup

I was in the mood for something light and fresh for spring, here's what I came up with!

It's fun and flirty but toned down; this look would also be great for a wedding, prom, or graduation I think. I've been wearing my makeup like this a lot recently and I always get compliments on it, so I really hope you will enjoy it also and try it out!

Check out my step-by-step video below how to achieve this look.

Products used:

MAC Malt http://bit.ly/1cJi7z9
MAC Neutral Pink (Girlie is close to this)  http://bit.ly/1cJi7z9
Essence Liquid Metal Golden Roses 20
(MAC Expensive Pink as a dupe http://bit.ly/1cJi7z9
MAC Shroom http://bit.ly/1cJi7z9
Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Natural Glaze
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1dwwcju
Covergirl Lashblast mascara http://bit.ly/1ciZowH
Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 in Pink Lemonade
Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder http://bit.ly/1cp3ioJ
Catrice Defining Blush Apropos Apricot
Kryolan Glamor Glow in Pale Tan
Maybelline Color Whisper in Pinup Peach http://bit.ly/1mLAOFW
L'Oreal LeGloss in Florid Pink http://bit.ly/1cj0uZq
Elite Lashes Nr. 18

Recommended Brushes:

MAC 182 http://bit.ly/1ciZW5Z
Hakuhodo S103
MAC 239 http://bit.ly/1f4hFMz
Illamasqua Highlighter http://bit.ly/1cj0icD
MAC 224 http://bit.ly/1mLhlFs

Nailpolish: OPI On Collins Ave http://bit.ly/1mLkB3J

Perfect Eyebrows! How to get 'em...

Let me start off by saying my brows au naturel are anything but perfect - they are thin, the hair doesn't grow very dense or bushy, and they would definitely be a bit more full if I had control over my genes. Unfortunately, that's not the reality, so I actually spend quite a bit of time "faking" it - hah! I still want them to look natural, or as close to natural as possible, but I have to use products to make that happen.

Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Please, please ladies - especially if you're a teen - don't over-pluck your brows! If you start plucking those hairs when you're 14 years old and continue for a few years, those hairs might never grow back, or they'll come back thinner, finer, or colorless. You'll ultimately regret it when you're older, because stronger brows can make a maturing face look more youthful! Grab those pesky stray hairs that grow outside of your natural brow line, and by all means remove a complete unibrow, but know when to stop! Don't use a magnifying mirror when tweezing, you'll go overboard.

  • Your natural brow shape - as in the pattern the hair grows on your face - is the one that is best suited to you. Don't try to create unnaturally high arcs if you don't have one, or completely change the shape that is given. Go with what you already have, it will look miles better than wonky, unnatural looking brows that just look over-tweezed. Straight or rounded brows can be beautiful too. This is one reason why I avoid those cut-out plastic brow guides that some companies offer - one size does not suit all! Try to figure out what your natural brow shape is, and go from there.

  • Try to use brow products that have an ashy color tone. For most people, this will look more flattering than warm colors on the brows, because often natural brow hairs are more ashy by nature. Unfortunately, you might have to spend a bit more money on department store products to find a suitable color. My own experience with drugstore products in finding good brow products has been very poor, as the color range is so limited and often they just don't stay on your brows, and have a tendency to wander all over your face.

For lots of details and how I groom my brows, check out my tutorial below:

Products used:

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel http://bit.ly/1fWNoEw
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Blonde http://bit.ly/1hJtXws
Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Gaze http://bit.ly/1dwwEOG
Kryolan Brow Powder in Medium
Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel in clear
MAC Brows in Lingering (I use this sometimes) http://bit.ly/1cRpx1g

Fresh Foundation Routine + Contouring

I wanted to share with you my updated foundation routine! This is the kind of makeup that I would wear for special occasions, or when I just want my face to look really great for photography. I don't normally contour my face on a daily basis (heck, I don't even wear foundation everyday) but it's a technique that I like to use now and then when I want to give my face more dimension. Sometimes applying a single foundation colour can make your face look a bit flat in pictures! This method will give you a more sculpted look.

Check out my video tutorial for all the details!

Products used and where to buy:

Body Shop Lip Butter http://bit.ly/1eTvNbL
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer http://bit.ly/1a8d8eW
L'Oreal True Match foundation http://bit.ly/1eTw5iY
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation http://bit.ly/L6XjcE
Inglot Cream Concealer Nr. 60
Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer http://bit.ly/1dww8Ah
Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick http://bit.ly/1eTwsKi
Kryolan HD Micro Silk Powder http://kryolan.com/
Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder Nr. 2 http://bit.ly/Kk2apY
Kryolan Glamour Glow Pale Tan
MAC Fleur Power blush http://bit.ly/1dwQdum
MAC Soft Ochre paint pot http://bit.ly/1cJhNQU


Ebelin Makeup Sponge (Beauty Blender dupe)
Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=24879
OCC 011 Brush
MAC 182 buffer brush http://bit.ly/1dwQayy
Hakuhodo brushes (unfortunately not labeled with numbers!) http://www.hakuhodousa.com/

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Nr. 23 Yellow http://bit.ly/1hYW51e
P2 Crackling Top Coat in Black

22 Jan 2014

My Smoothie Recipes

Since buying a professional grade blender last year - the JTC Omniblend V - I have become somewhat of a smoothie addict! I highly, highly recommend this blender, it's just as good as the Vitamix for about half the price. If you're serious about smoothies, I would invest in a commercial grade blender. It won't break, rust, and should easily crush and blend ice cubes and frozen fruit to perfection in under a minute. I would get a blender with a tamper stick, to help push down food if it gets stuck along the sides.

NEW: Follow my new Instagram account - JULIASFITDIARY for more Smoothie ideas and much more!

Here are some of my go-to smoothie concoctions. I don't really measure the ingredients, I just dump some in and blend away, but for these recipes I've given you a reference to about how much I add. The berries you can always use fresh or frozen. In the summer I often freeze my bananas in ziploc bags (already peeled) because they brown so fast, and freezing stops the process.

Just a note: You can add leafy greens such as kale or spinach to ANY of these smoothies. If I'm making a breakfast smoothie, I also add a generous handful of raw whole oats, a handful of nuts (almonds, pecans, or cashews), and sometimes 1-2 teaspoons of whole flaxseeds. (A good blender should crush the flax seeds, meaning you get the amazing nutrients within. Uncrushed flax just pass right through you because the shell is too tough for your stomach to dissolve.) This will make the smoothie more filling, but you might have to add more liquid to balance out the dry ingredients. If I'm making a post-workout smoothie, I will just add a scoop of my protein powder to the mix.

Handy tip: Use a sharp knife to peel oranges and other citrus fruits. Cut off the top and bottom navel in one smooth slice, then stand the orange upright on the flat edge, and use the knife to cut away the peel in a convex shape.

Blueberry Splash

3/4 cup blueberries
1 banana
2 Tblsp. plain Greek yogurt
1/2 glass of water
1 tsp Stevia

Green Machine

1 cup fresh spinach leaves
several thick cucumber slices
1 kiwi (peeled)
1/2 a lemon (minus peel)
1/2 glass of water
Stevia to sweeten

Strawberry - Orange Creamsicle

1 cup strawberries
1 whole orange (minus peel)
1 banana
3/4 cup soy or almond milk (or just regular cow milk)
dash of cinnamon
Stevia to sweeten


1/2 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
3/4 cup raspberries
1 whole orange (minus peel)
3/4 glass of soy or almond milk
Stevia to sweeten

Peanut-Almond Milk

2 tsp. natural unsweetened peanut butter
1/2 cup raw whole almonds
1 banana
1/2 glass of soy / almond / rice / dairy milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Coco-Mango Madness

1 cup mango (fresh or frozen)
1/2 banana
1 whole orange (minus peel)
2 Tblsp. plain Green yogurt
3/4 glass of water
2 Tblsp. shredded unsweetened coconut
Stevia to sweeten

Breakfast Muesli Smoothie

1 whole apple (cored, quartered)
3 tblsp. Greek yogurt
3 dates (pitted)
1/2 banana
small handful of oats
small handful of nuts (almonds, pecans, or cashews)
1 tsp. flax seeds
1 glass of water

Watermelon Lemonade

2 cups watermelon (use frozen if you want a really cold lemonade)
1 whole lemon or lime (minus peel)
Few sprigs of fresh mint leaves (can be omitted)
glass of ice cold water
Stevia to sweeten

Pina Colada

1 cup pineapple (fresh or frozen)
1/2 banana
3/4 glass coconut milk or coconut water
1 whole orange (minus peel)

Forest Berry Blend

1 cup mixed berries (blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, currants, raspberries)
1 banana
3 tblsp. Greek yogurt
3/4 glass water
Stevia to sweeten

Let me know if you try any of these out, and how you enjoyed it! Happy Smoothie-making!

3 Jan 2014

My Fitness Diary (11) : Post-Holiday Bulge

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I've written a somewhat personal blog. I honestly don't always enjoy just writing about beauty products and doing product swatches - I find it actually quite boring! So today I thought I'd write something a bit more personal, and also about my fitness and health.

The Christmas and New Year break are now definitely over, and I had such a wonderful time. I loved spending my first Christmas in our new apartment, decorating, buying a huge tree that reaches the ceiling, and spending time with family and friends.

Christmas I spent with my fiancé's family (oh yes, by the way, I got engaged! See here for my Engagement Story) up in the cabin in the Swiss Alps, and it was enchanting. Very wintery, snowy, and super cozy. I actually filmed a little video with some impressions.

We cooked a delicious Christmas dinner up there! Starter was a decadent homemade poultry paté terrine with glazed cinnamon apples and toast, made by soon-to-be mom-in-law. Our main course was veal filet in a whiskey with morrel mushrooms cream sauce, red cabbage with apples and balsamic vinegar, and German bread dumplings. For dessert I had prepared a Limoncello Tiramisu with raspberries, which was both airy and citrusy, but also decadent and rich.

After Christmas we spent a few more days up there skiing and hanging out with family, then came back down from the mountains. For New Year's Eve we decided to celebrate at home in the company of very good friends, so we cooked another nice dinner.

For starters this time I made a Carribbean Shrimp Ceviche as an appetizer (which I'm still lusting after now and can't wait to make again), for the main course I made lamb and fig BBQ skewers in an apricot mint marinade, rosemary herbed potatoes and glazed ginger carrots. For dessert we had homemade German apple Strudel with vanilla custard. Washed it all down with several bottles of red wine and champagne. We had so much fun, and I spent the entire day January 1st recovering on the couch, watching Pixar movies and vegetating.

Now the holidays are over and it's time to get back on the fitness wagon. I admit I didn't really keep up my exercise routine in the time we were away, and that's ok. Part of the festivities is all about relaxing, eating nice food, and not worrying too much about things. Still, it's not an excuse not to do anything afterwards! I gained a few kilograms, and I know for certain that I don't want to keep that extra weight jiggling around into 2014.

When I went skiing, I realized, damn, these ski pants are suddenly really tight!! What the hell happened? I bought them in Vancouver 2 winters ago, when I was extremely fit and svelte. I remember buying them with some room to spare, so that I could wear thick long johns underneath on the super cold days. Now when I put them on, I could still button them but they were slightly uncomfortable.

So now I'm determined to lose the extra weight, it's about 4kgs (8.8 pounds) that I put on within the last few months. Due to my injury in the summer, I was out of commission for so long, and even with starting to work out in the fall, it's just been hard to get back into my old habits. But 4kg really shouldn't be all too hard to lose, with consequent healthy eating and regular work outs.

Today I hit the gym again hard, did 10 minutes of running to warm up my muscles, then stretched, followed by about 30 mins of weight lifting (arms, back, shoulders), and ending with a 5km run. I felt great afterward, and very motivated. I try to hit the gym, or do some kind of a challenging work out, three times a week.

My nutrition basics will look something like this for now until the extra pounds I put on are gone, back to my "maintenance weight" goal. Clean eating!!

  • no refined carbs, any carbs should be whole grain and complex carbs in small quantity (should be low in the Glycemic index)
  • no added sugar at all in tea, coffee, yogurt, etc.
  • less bread and potatoes (my biggest weaknesses in the carbs department!)
  • limit myself to a really rich, sinful dessert once per week (ice cream, cake, etc.)
  • no late night snacking
  • VEGETABLES galore!! Good thing I love veggies so that's ok with me. Lots of dark green and red veggies especially
  • LEAN PROTEINS: Chicken breast, fish, seafood, lean cuts of beef or pork (tenderloin)
  • Fruit - no dried fruits just fresh ones, less bananas, more berries
  • Healthy fats from nuts, olive oil, avocado, seeds
  • Eat breakfast!! Homemade muesli with yogurt, fruits, nuts and seeds, or maybe some eggs with veggies, breakfast smoothie
  • Drink lots of water, reduce alcohol to once or twice per week (I don't drink soda anyway)

That's all I can think of at the moment. Just a really healthy, lean diet that will give me all the nutrients and protein and vitamins I need, leave me feeling full, but allow me to have a caloric deficit in relation to my physical input each day, which will lead to weight loss. Essentially this means you burn more energy each day than the calories you consume, within a healthy range of course. No crash diets and starvation!

Which leads me to my last point: I have a new Instagram account! "JULIASFITDIARY"

I wanted to have a personal, visual record of my exercise routine, what I did that day, and what I eat on a day to day basis, simply as a way of keeping track of my progress. If you want to follow my journey, please check me out on your smart phone under the account JULIASFITDIARY on Instagram.

I don't have much up yet as I just started it today, but I will be posting lots there so make sure to add me on Instagram under that account. I'll still be posting on my primary account HelloJuliaGraf with beauty and life stuff, too.

So, now you know my fitness and health goals for the next few months, what are yours?